Android Eclipse LogCat showing a singe Line only at a time

The LogCat shows different device events. In Eclipse sometimes you notice that only a single line is shown and you can't scroll to see previous events. This happens because the LogCat window gets full, so clearing it will give the window a new emty space to display the log events as usual.


Android emulator too large

sometimes after installing Android sdk and launching the emulator you find that the emulator is too large that some of it may be invisible.

to correct this do the following:
  1. from  eclipse go to Run->Run configurations.
  2. from the left pane choose your project name and from the right pane choose the target tab.
  3. you will see a list of available virtual devices. choose yours and you'll find below the Additional Emulator Options section.
  4. enter the following command  -scale 0.7, where 0.7 is the ratio between the emulator size and your screen size.
  5. run the project and the emularot size will be adjusted to your screen


android Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1

I got this error in an Android project in which I referenced anexternal JAR library.
I solved this by cleaning the project by navigating to Project->Clean and cleaning the project.


SDK setup error: a folder failed to be renamed or moved

During updating your Android SDK components from eclipse (running in windows) you may receive the following error message:
a folder failed to be renamed or moved...

the message suggests that you turn of your anti-virus.
I did so but still recieved the error.
I terminated the adb.exe from the processes but still not solved.

the problem is that the update batch is rin from android.bat file inside tools directory. update requires that this folder is renamed temporarily but since Windows 7 locks it the process halts with this error.
so a workaround for this is to copy the tools folder, paste it in te sdk directory, name it tools_temp for example and run android.bat from this directory.

the update shall go smooth, after finishing delete this temp folder and launch eclipse and it will work fine.

after restarting eclipse you may recieve this error
This Android SDK requires Android Developer Toolkit version 10.xxxxxxxxxx the current version is 9.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

this is because the ADT plugin needs to be update after updating software components, go to and follow the instructions and everything will work after this.