Google released it's tablet-targeted Android version 3.0 (Honeycomb) with a totally new interdace and concepts.
here are the major updates:
  • API level: 11.

Action Bar:
a new concept instead of the old title bar, very si,ilar to the task bar in Windows

Fragments API:
the Fragment is a new component allowing you to construct an Activity from multiple separate activities or from several invisible worker services.

System Clipboard:
The system provides more copy-paste capabalities, allowing the user to copy text, urls, images or any user-defined type through content providers.

Drag and Drop
The drag and drop operation enables you to move data in a visualized way. giving you the control over the diferrent drag and drop events.

App widgets:
Android 3.0 supports several new widget classes for more interactive app widgets on the users Home screen, including: GridView, ListView, StackView, ViewFlipper, and AdapterViewFlipper.

Status bar notifications:
new notifications system including the ability to configure the notification layouts and notifications large icons.
Content Loaders:
new API to load data asynchronously using the Loader class.

New UI and Graphics frameworks.

for more info regadring the honeycomb sdk please refer to this link.