Marmalade SDK: Exception: Multiply Overflow

I was performing some transformations (scaling) on 2D sprites like this:
CIwMat2D matrix;
When I ran the app I received the following exception:
IwAssert failure (GEOM, 350). Message: Multiply overflow
The avoid this exception, you must set your matrix to the Identity matrix before applying transformations on it like this:
CIwMat2D matrix;


Marmalade SDK: Data cache overflow allocating XXX. Increase [GX] DataCacheSize (currently XXXXX) exception

You may encounter this error if your application requires caching some data but the reserved cache size by your application does not have enough space.

to solve this, just increase the reserved cache space defined in your app.icf file:


Marmalade SDK: Output Debug messages

If you want to output debug messages in your output console in Visual studio, you can do it in two ways:

  1. Use standard C++ output stream cout
    cout<<"Your Message"<<endl;
  2. use the Marmalade  s3eDebug module: first include the header:
    #include "s3eDebug.h"
    s3eDebugOutputString("Your Message");
    to display integers you have to convert them to C style strings first:
    int x=10;
    char buffer[10];
    //convert the int to a char array


Marmalade SDK: Exception cannot open file iwui_style/ for serialising

I made a simple IW2D app with Marmalade SDK, it worked fine in the Windows emulator but when I deployed to Android I received this exception:

cannot open file iwui_style/ for serialising (read), Did you include this file in your mkb assets block

The solution was  to add this block to my MKB file



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